A Promise Of Quality and Service
The correct closure can improve safety, increase convenience, reduce your carbon footprint, and build brand recognition. We can accompany you through the process from design to implementation as an experienced and trusted solution provider.
At JINFU, we are constantly developing innovative techniques and manufacturing capabilities that deliver the highest quality with the lowest environmental impact. Our goal is to ensure your success.
Always ready for you
Jinfu is primarily involved in the development, design, production, and sales of packaging products specifically tailored for beverage and food applications. With a strong focus on the beverage sector, the company has amassed significant expertise and experience over the years. This has resulted in notable advantages in technology research and development, brand reputation, product range, and production efficiency. As a result, the company now holds a prominent position within the industry and is recognized as one of the largest suppliers of plastic anti-theft caps in China.
To become the most trustworthy company
in the bottle cap industry
We look forward to providing companies and people across the globe with quality caps and closures. It’s all part of our customer commitment: the promise of expertise, service, and the daily motivation you’d expect from a knowledgeable partner.
V1 Integrity
At all costs, adhere to the agreements with customers and strive to impress each and every customer with our commitment to integrity in management.
Considering quality as paramount, all defective products are immediately discarded and never reach the hands of customers.
We firmly believe that the satisfaction of our customers is the cornerstone of our success.
Get along well with each other through frequent communication, consider different viewpoints, and focus on the core issues of the conflicts.
Always prioritize responsibility towards customers, employees, the organization, and the work itself.

The pursuit of product quality, like the following of the sunrise, guides Jinfu people move forward year after year!
M1 Let customers enjoy quality products and services!
Let employees Get the Benefits from development of the company!
Jinfu Technology has been insisting on the quality policy of "quality-oriented, customer priority, meet the requirements, continuous improvement" for nearly 20 years.
Let the business philosophy of Jinfu Technology be deeply engraved into the heart of every Jinfu person.
Jinfu people, will join hands with Jinfu to the other beautiful world!
V2 Become the Most Trustworthy Company in Closure Industry
Today, Jinfu's products have been fully recognized and highly trusted by clients. More importantly, our customers had given us strong support, which has enabled Jinfu to develop rapidly.
Improving quality, efficiency, and sustainability
Being a leader in the bottle cap market, the company will continue to prioritize market needs and concentrate its efforts on researching and developing bottle caps specifically designed for bottled beverage packaging. This will involve dedicated attention towards the research, development, production, sales, and associated services of caps used in the field of bottled beverage packaging. Furthermore, the company aims to progressively expand its product range and business scope to encompass additional offerings within the packaging industry.
Our knowledgeable local technical service teams monitor line efficiency and smooth integration of our products into your packaging. 
We optimize efficiency by ensuring smooth operation at high speeds, and our short change-over times minimize filling line downtime. 
Trust JINFU to be your process companion from start to finish.



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